The strangest animal laws from around the world

The strangest animal laws from around the world

A whole host of weird and wonderful pet laws exist around the world to keep us and our furry/feathered/scaly friends in check.

They might be trying to prevent some pretty unrealistic scenarios but whether you plan on calling a pig Napoleon in France, or taking your French poodle to the opera in Chicago, you might want to take a look at the laws below first.


Australia & Asia

It’s illegal to drive with a dog or goat attached to a vehicle in a public place. Australians are also banned from naming an animal they plan on eating.

In Beijing, only 1 dog per household is allowed and it must be under 14 inches tall.

The public display of cats after 8pm is banned.

New Zealand
Longbern cats must have three bells around their necks before leaving the house.

Saudi Arabia
Men must not walk dogs.



Pig owners are banned from calling their pigs Napoleon.

Cats in Lorinc can only be taken on the street if they are on a lead.

Dog owners in Turin must walk their pets at least 3 times a day.

Only male cats and dogs may be neutered.

Any dog attending a day-care centre must be able to see out of a sunny window.

All pets must have a companion and people must pass written and verbal tests before they are allowed to own a dog.

United Kingdom
It is against the law to let your pet mate with a pet from the royal house. It’s also illegal for a cab in the City of London to carry rabid dogs. Finally for the UK, a police officer on the Lancashire coast can order a person not to incite a dog to bark.


US & Canada

It’s illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car and animals must not enter beauty salons for the purpose of hairdressing.

Dogs in Little Rock are banned from barking after 6pm.

You can’t whistle to attract your lost bird in Berkley before 7am.

It’s illegal to educate a dog in Hartford.

It is illegal to sell a dog’s or cat’s excess hair.

It’s illegal for a person to sleep in a dog kennel.

Give a dog whiskey or a lighted cigar and you’re breaking the law. Don’t try to take your French Poodle to the opera either – that’s illegal too.

Black cats in French Lick Springs must wear bells on Friday 13th.

Dogs may not molest pedestrians or passing vehicles.

Taking your pet lion to the cinema in Baltimore is banned.

Cats must not chase dogs up telephone poles. Vice versa is fine though.

Paulding County polic officers are permitted to bite a dog to calm them down. Getting a fish drunk however, is illegal.

A fine or prison sentence awaits anyone who pulls ugly faces at dogs. Also, dogs aren’t allowed to congregate in groups of 3 or more on private property, without a signed permit from the mayor.

Cats are not allowed in public cemeteries.

It’s illegal to photograph rabbits without a permit between January and April.


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