Meet the #TaylorsFamily

Meet the #TaylorsFamily

🐰🐱 Meet the #TaylorsFamily! 🐍🐶

Over the course of the next month or so, we’d like to give you the great opportunity to meet the pets of our fantastic staff members and customers!

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Introducing… Porsha

Firstly, we’d like you to meet Porsha, who is a 14 year old British Short-hair cat and belongs to Linda. Porsha loves to eat, sleep (don’t we all) and roam the garden.

Porsha doesn’t really like to play much, but she loves her ‘Dreamies‘ treats, bought from our Taylors store in Ilkeston. Although Porsha isn’t the most playful feline, she is very inquisitive, frequently finding herself locked in Linda’s shed! She will venture into any empty box or any open door, and often joins Linda when she walks her dog Jimmy.

Porsha is a very friendly cat, although Jimmy the dog doesn’t always appreciate this!



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