Introducing… Desmond (AKA Dez)

Introducing… Desmond (AKA Dez)

Introducing… Desmond (AKA Dez)

Meet Desmond, who is a very lazy but loving 2 year old Great Dane. He always wants to please his owners and never shy’s away from playing with other dogs. Desmond’s favourite toy is his big yellow pineapple, and he also loves ‘Bow Wow Super Sausages and Pigs Ears.’

At night, Desmond sleeps in the unusual position of all fours up, on his back. When he is on his walk, and he gets to the field, Desmond has a mad ten minutes, running around constantly. He will also do anything for a cocktail sausage, so much so that his owners think he thinks his name is sausage.

‘Sausage’ has also completed his Bronze and Silver Good Citizen Award.

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