Brief info

Angela works at Kirkby in Ashfield and has worked for Taylors for almost 34 years, taking a full time position after placement on Youth Training Scheme (YTS).

Angela loves working at Taylors because of "The Diversity of customers we get in through the door. One maybe a problem with the dog / cat, next maybe to do with gardening Bugs / Fungus, then another could be baking Bread or Cakes."

Angela goes out of her way to make sure our customers get everything they want and are comfortable talking to us about problems and the help we can give them.

Angela, like many of Taylors employees is an animal lover and in the past has had Budgies, Rabbits, Fish and dogs all her life from birth. Sadly, Angela lost her GSD girl 4 years ago but has plenty of ‘foster’ dogs in her life from family and friends.